We’ve all had those moments when we need to send a personalized cold email, but the problem is that there’s no easy way for us. With Mailshake though- now you can easily engage your prospects at scale and set tasks (phone calls/ social media posts) as well! The interface of this program fits right into any sales tech stack too; it has native integrations with Salesforce AND 3rd party apps like Pipedrive so making sure everything flows together seamlessly will be possible in no time flat!.

Sales outreach on autopilot
Turn cold prospects into warm leads with automated prospecting outreach via email, social, and phone.

Trusted by over 49,000 happy customers, including

SHAKEspeare AI Email Writer
Powered by intel from thousands of cold email campaigns, SHAKEspeare writes copy that’s proven to perform—all in under a minute.

Lead Catcher
See your best and most engaged leads so you can focus on the ideal leads that will convert.

Social Outreach
Be front and center by engaging everywhere your leads are with multi-touch outreach.

Split Testing
Easily identify what is working best by testing multiple versions of your outreach emails.

Phone Dialer
Simplify your workflow and make a personal connection with the built-in phone dialer.

Fill your CRM with consistent leads
Contact thousands of prospects all at once with personalized email campaigns, fully automated follow-ups, maximized deliverability, and proven templates.

Connect with prospects everywhere they are
Seamlessly incorporate social media into your email outreach sequence, and power through cold calls with Mailshake Dialer.

Know exactly how you’re generating leads
Monitor opens, clicks, and replies for every email you send, and know which part of your sequence is converting with Mailshake Lead Drivers.

Mailshake easily connects to the tools you already use

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