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Social networking, back in your hands

Follow friends and discover new ones among more than 4.4M people. Publish anything you want: links, pictures, text, video. All on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free.

Find your perfect community

Mastodon isn’t a single website like Twitter or Facebook, it’s a network of thousands of communities operated by different organizations and individuals that provide a seamless social media experience.

Safer social media experience

Mastodon comes with effective anti-abuse tools to help protect yourself. Thanks to the network’s spread out and independent nature there are more moderators who you can approach for personal help, and communities with strict codes of conduct.

Sharing your thoughts has never been more convenient

You have 500 characters. You can adjust the thumbnails of your pictures with focal points. You can use custom emojis, hide things behind spoiler warnings and choose who sees a given post. Messed it up? You can delete & redraft for quick corrections.Work Faster & Smarter with Twitter
Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage multiple social accounts with ease.

View & Track Analytics

Track your performance and understand your Twitter landscape.

Schedule Tweets

Curate tweets in advance and schedule them for optimal engagement.

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work faster and smarter

ManageFlitter is a web-based application that gives Twitter users insight into their Twitter account. To date we have assisted over 4 million users with their Twitter accounts. We have been around for a while and plan on being around a whole lot more.

Our system is super fast and built on rock solid reliable architecture. The team behind ManageFlitter have many years worth of experience developing robust online systems that help people lead more productive lives.

Mastodon for the individual

Without an incentive to sell you things, Mastodon allows you to consume content you enjoy uninterrupted. Your feed is chronological, ad-free and non-algorithmic—you decide who you want to see


Mastodon for the organization

Host your own social media platform on your own infrastructure. Don’t let your business or non-profit depend on a company that could change the rules of the game—write your own rules!