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Mangools is an SEO Analysis Tool trusted by big named brands such as Alexa, Adidas, and Skyscanner. Including five software solutions to help you take your SEO to the next level, it includes Keyword Research, SERP Analysis, Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, and Website Analysis to keep you one step ahead of the competition.
With Mangools SEO Software, you’ll have access to over 1.6 billion related keywords, 9.5 trillion crawled backlinks, and 900,000 keyword SERP positions that are checked daily. It supports over 52,000 locations worldwide, and plans start at just €44.90 per month. Try before you buy with a 10-day free trial.

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One brand. Five tools. Making SEO simple since 2014 👍

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Made for an effective SEO workflow
1. Find the right keywords
Just start with a seed keyword or simply enter your competitor’s domain. Evaluate the keyword ideas with exact search volumes and one of the most accurate 🎯 keyword difficulty metrics on the market.

2. Analyze the search results in any location
Dig into the SERP and it’s features, estimated CTRs and 45+ SEO metrics. See the local search results in more than 52k locations 🌍. Compare your website with the ranking sites to find out where you fall short.

3. Bring your competitors under the spotlight
Inspect the authority and popularity 📸 of your competitors using the essential SEO metrics. Analyze the traffic, most valuable content, backlink profile and find competitors you might have previously missed.

4. Start tracking your keyword positions
Track the overall organic traffic share with one key metric 📈. Evaluate the most important data at one sight, get notified about big changes and setup scheduled interactive reports for you or your clients.

5. Boost it all with powerful backlinks
Find and replicate the most powerful backlinks of your competitors. See the link placement in our integrated website preview and save the best backlinks so you can get back to them later when doing outreach

What’s under the hood
1,6 Billion related keywords
growing ~ 20 M monthly
~ 100 M competitor keywords checked each month
9,5 Trillion crawled backlinks includes both Majestic’s fresh and historic index
900 k keyword SERP positions checked daily
45 k users’ domains tracked daily
~ 52 k supported locations cities, districts, countries