Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


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Marketing Automation
Now as simple as ABCD.
Effortlessly send the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Acquire Leads
Acquire leads by converting website visitors.

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Intelligent Prompts
Drive visitors to engage on your site at the perfect moment. Otherwise, get out of their way.

Capture leads with intelligent Lead Forms.
Drive visitors to convert with on-site messages.
Capture lead details at the perfect time.
Increase conversion from paid traffic.
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Build Relationships
Build relationships and onboard new users.

Beautiful, simple emails
Send beautifully simple, easy-to-create, easy-to-read emails with no coding required.

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Onboard new users with perfectly-timed in-app messages.
Deliver personalised nurture campaigns via email.
Tailor every message with real-time data.
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Convert Deals
Convert leads into customers.

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Real-time Variables
Personalise messages with up-to-date, highly relevant information for every recipient.

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Convert users and leads into customers faster.
Engage with leads in-product, rather than via cold email or over the phone.
Drive upsells at the perfect time.
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Delight Customers
Delight customers and drive loyalty.

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Advanced Segmentation
Find exactly the right audience for your message by building perfectly precise segments.

Engage with customers to drive loyalty.
Gather feedback from customers based on their real-time behaviour.
Avoid bombarding customers with messages.
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What’s inside?
Everything you need to engage with your audience, across their lifecycle.

Proactively convert anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.

Send personalised one-off messages via email or in-app at scale.

Send automated messages based on user actions.

Automatically send a series of personalised messages based on user activity.