Marketing Miner


Marketing Miner is a modern SEO Marketing Tool for agencies, freelancers, and eCommerce retailers. Designed to help you keep track of your site as it evolves, it includes access to over 40 different ‘miners’ that provide data on keywords, domains, products, and URLs.
Marketing Miner provides you with the marketing data you need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Key features include Keyword Search Volume, URL Indexation Status, Product Analysis, and Keyword Suggestions. Easy to navigate, it has a user-friendly interface, and the basic plan is free. Take a free trial to see what Marketing Miner can do for you.

Get the important marketing data to work with
Create one-time analyzes
It doesn’t matter if you need to get data for dozens of domains or thousands of keywords. Our Miners will provide you with exactly what you need.

Keyword suggestions

URL indexation check

Analysis of products in price comparators

Clickstream data

Keep track of how your site evolves in time
There’s an overview of your site that lets you track what’s happening to it in the long term. Within the project, we also monitor changes on the website, and we will automatically notify you about them by email.

Keyword rankings

Mentions for your brand

Check of existing links

Marketing plan
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Analyze data in one click
Profilers allow you to get comprehensive data in just one click.

Get comprehensive information about your site

Spy and compare your competitor’s sites
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Check out our most popular Miners

Keyword search volume
Tells you how many times a particular keyword is searched per month on average. This number makes it easier to identify what questions and how often your potential users are searching for them.
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Product analysis in price comparison websites
Helps you to get information about products, about its higher and lowest price and your position in product lists of comparison sites.
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Check of URL indexation status
Helps you to find URLs that are not indexed and helps you to find out what is the reason for that. A search engine can not display pages that are not indexed in search results.
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Keyword suggestions from search engines
Finds you all possible suggestions from “Autocomplete” for the specific keyword. You’ll find it useful when working on keyword analysis or when looking for new content inspiration.
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View all Miners
We have more than 40 of them. They’ll help you get more data on keywords, domains, URLs, and products.
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Who can use the tool?

Get data for your clients and see how their projects evolve. Everything within one subscription that you can share with your colleagues.

Unlike agencies, you don’t need to work with multiple colleagues, but you also need to have your clients’ data in one place.

Website and e-shop owners
If you need data for a single site or e-shop, you don’t need to pay for multiple tools. We will provide you with the basic and the most necessary marketing data.