Our Algorithms Source, Analyse & Create Thumb-Stopping Content
Add industry-leading Social Media Intelligence to your content strategy and grow with MarketMate..

The Future of Social Media Intelligence
Fusing the Power of AI and Social Media

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – MarketMate searches the web for relevant content in line with your brand’s guidelines.

Using specific keywords, MarketMate focuses on sourcing content, post cadence and scheduling the machined, paraphrased and re-purposed content.

Tailored Content Optimisation
Content is Created & Optimised by our Unique Algorithm

Our Social Media Intelligence tool ensures that posts are completely unique to each business.

MarketMate quickly learns from content reactions, and from this, produces continuously optimised copy in line with your goals and parameters.

Get Ahead of the Curve
Be The First to Source Top Content

We offer a simple three-step solution for agencies, retailers, influencers and any company from any industry looking to proactively optimise their social media strategy.

Be the first to automatically generate resonating and memorable content with your target the help of grammar checker, word counter and paraphrasing tool