Meet Soci


Meet Soci – Use SOCi [sOH-shEE]
To manage local search, social, reviews, and ads across limitless locations.

The only centralized platform built to address the three critical areas of Localized Marketing

Presence Solution
Over 70% of brand engagement on social is happening at the local page level
SOCi simplifies the management of 100s or 1000s of pages, so that you can reach and engage the audiences that matter most to you, your local customers; with authentic, relevant and on-brand content across all of your local pages.

Check Your Social Health

Care Solution
7 out of 10 consumers use Social Media to air and resolve grievances
SOCi empowers you to easily monitor, manage, and respond to local reviews and conversations across all of your locations in a single platform. SOCi also delivers insights and analysis that spotlight topics of strength and highlight areas of improvement.

Growth Solution
Social is now the 2nd largest source for new customer acquisition behind personal referrals
SOCi lets you boost content and deploy social ad campaigns across 100s or 1000s of locations with a few clicks! With localized social messaging and targeting, deploying local social ads has never been easier.