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The AI-Centric Digital Asset Management Software
Easily organize, edit and share your digital assets all in one place

Fast, precise searching using any web browser (mobile friendly) allows users express access to everything from virtually anywhere. Scroll through hundreds or millions of items with no waiting. Regardless of the size of your collection, you’ll be able to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s easy to edit one file or thousands in Merlin. Batch edit your metadata and objects without even having to leave the DAM. And, if you need to, you can make changes to your DAM assets all within your Adobe Creative Suite.

Need to speed up your video workflow? No problem. Merlin’s intuitive video engine allows users to identify, edit, and export video or audio clips quickly.

A central hub for all of your files makes it easy to control what assets go in – and who takes it out. Merlin’s drag-and-drop interface allows users to manage all content file formats. Mange thousands or millions of items with our robust and fault-tolerant system. Get granular user access for one department, or manage user permissions for thousands.

Collaborate and communicate throughout your content lifecycle. Users can enhance their creative workflow and automate approval paths by making sharing, reviewing and versioning viewable by any or all members of your team. Easily assign content to users for approval and add comments to the status. See what assets are waiting for action, completed, or ready to be approved.

One-click publishing to your CMS and other channels keeps your content teams running like a well-oiled machine. Send a link to saved searches or custom asset collections to your internal users. Or, if you need to send assets to a non-user, simply do so by sending a link directly to their email.

24/hr support
We care about making you successful and every customer gets the VIP treatment.

With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, Merlin can handle the most mission critical environments out there.

Manage thousands or millions of items with our robust, fast and fault-tolerant system. Grow your DAM as your content grows.

We exceed industry standards for security and are certified HIPAA-compliant and GDPR-compliant.

Whether you’re setting up your dashboard or creating permissions, Merlin is incredibly flexible.

Features you’ll adore.
Packed with features that will instantly help you scale your content management and that you soon won’t be able to live without.

Lightning Fast Searching
MX Basic
Facial Recognition AI
Visual Similarity AI
Video & Audio Auto Transcoding
Image Recognition Tagging
Access Controls/Permissions
Video Clipping & Speech Searching
HIPAA & GDPR Compliant Platform
Asset Sharing & Distribution
Automated Workflows
Flexible UI Options

Plainly stated, it will make your life easier.
Merlin simplifies your life, making it less of a hassle to organize, version, approve, use and distribute your content quickly to a range of different destinations. Learn how lost assets no longer happen, lost time is vastly reduced, and you gain control of your creative and production processes.

Inspire your teams to get on the same page.
Merlin gives access to content where needed and democratizes access to content no matter where you are located or what type of user you are. Merlin is your single repository where all your team’s work is stored.