Metigy – Say no to your old Social Media Management software
You just found your new digital strategy solution, Metigy
Welcome to the future of social marketing
In the past it was enough to simply manage your social media.
Now you need a team with strategy skills, bucket loads of time and a mountain of different tools.

Or, you need MetigyAI
The new social marketing technology that actually helps you understand the how, what, when and why.
It’s like having your own digital strategist.

Stop guessing and just do what works
Insights, Strategy & competitor trends
Ideas are more useful than data
Stop looking for ideas in tedious data reports and trying to stay on top of the competition, and let our real-time AI-driven insights work for you

Social Analytics
Hot topics and conversations
Metigy technology analyses the most popular and engaging content on trending topics and delivers it directly to you, highlighting opportunities to create conversation and content on the fly

Social Reporting
Save time with automated Reporting
Powered by best-in-class technology and AI, our fully automated reporting and customised analytics help to save you time and apply key insights to help grow your business

Planning & Collaboration Calendar
Content inspiration
Take a deep dive into your target audience, their key interests and what they are passionate about in real time

Content & Assets
Publish at the right time for your fans
Time your messages perfectly to maximise their reach, impressions and engagement

Learning Resources
The MetigyIQ program is a supported learning environment bringing you best practice marketing resources, tactical tips, news and case studies to support your creative and execution capabilities

Plans to suit everyone
SMBs, bloggers, content creators, influencers, teams, agencies and more plans

To power our AI and deep learning system,
Metigy technology is constantly processing a massive global data environment
Data Sources
Content Items Processed
Conversation Analysed
Individual Users
We look beyond the obvious and gather in-depth data to power our insights engine

Forget traditional vanity metrics and understand the true value of conversion and performance

Move beyond dashboards and embrace the power of dynamic, AI-driven insights

Be inspired with a feed of strategic ideas and opportunities, customised just for your business

A constant feed of actions & insights to inspire

Practical Suggestions
We advise you on topics that are trending and content which resonates with your audience, based on analysis of your historical stats, along with the performance of your competitors and professional network

Influence Insights
Metigy identifies influencers and content creators who are making engaging and meaningful content, based on true influence – not just big numbers and vanity metrics – allowing you to approach brand partnerships with confidence

Performance Insights
We know how important it is to meet KPIs, so we monitor your progress and deliver practical insights to ensure your long-term success