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Omnichannel marketing

With Mokini you’ll be able to personalize and target customers and potential customers across multiple marketing channels using eCommerce marketing automation.

Automatic sync

We’ll sync all of your historical orders, customers, products and categories for you when you connect to your store. Then as soon as a new order appears in your eCommerce platform or when a product is updated you’ll have the data in Mokini within five minutes.

Powerful segmentation

With all of your eCommerce data available in Mokini you will be able to create smart segments that gets updated automatically as soon as new data comes in. Using our pre-defined templates you’ll be able to create segments such as returning customers, first-time customers, high spenders, at-risk customers etc with the click of a button.

Campaign blueprints

No more need to come up with new campaign ideas by yourself! With the click of a button you will be able to activate best practice campaign templates that will increase your sales even when you’re sleeping. Some of our automated campaign templates include post-purchase sequences for first-time and returning customers, welcome series for new subscribers, win-back campaign for at-risk or inactive customers etc.