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Mobile App Development
Fast, Easy and Flexible.
Cross-platform hybrid mobile app development platform and tools in the cloud

Monaca makes HTML5 hybrid mobile app development with PhoneGap/Cordova simple and easy. Monaca is the most open hybrid app development platform available and ready to be immediately plugged into your existing workflow and development environment. From Cloud IDE, CLI to debugger and remote online build, everything you need for your hybrid app development is here.

Give Power to Your Cordova Apps
Monaca supercharges Cordova app development with easy to use tools, services and UI framework. It provides:

Flexible Development Environment
Monaca started with a powerful Cloud IDE that can run in the browser. Now a desktop GUI tool (Localkit) and command-line tool (CLI) are available as its local development companions. In addition, we provide an extension for Visual Studio. Your projects can be synchronized no matter what environment you use. It’s the perfect app builder.

Beautiful and High Performance
Onsen UI is JS framework agnostic and packed with many UI components that help you create seamless and beautiful apps. Onsen UI can make any app look and feel like a native app. Finally, one source code for all platform designs.

Choose Your Framework
Use Monaca with any JavaScript frameworks. We support Angular 1, 2+, React and Vue.js, or you can bring your own favorite framework. There are many templates ready to use, so you can get started immediately.

Remote Build and Continuous Integration
Powerful remote online build and CI features for Cordova. All build environments are secure in the cloud, with easy access from the browser. Hook scripts, custom Cordova plugins and flexible configurations are all in your hands. It works exactly the same way as you do in the local environment.

Powerful Debugging and Testing
Monaca Debugger brings supreme debugging experience. It adds advanced JavaScript debugging to your Cordova apps, including break points, step in/out and profiler. Supports iOS/Android debugging on Windows and Mac without installing any SDKs. The develop & test cycle will be hugely improved.