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Visual Experiences Anywhere
Visual is the language that moves people.
Built for the visual era, the Movable Ink platform enables brands to create compelling visual experiences that are based on relevant data and unique for each customer at every moment.

Our Visual Experience Platform
With Movable Ink, marketers can free their data from silos to automatically generate intelligent creative with millions of unique variations, across multiple channels and billions of moments.

The Visual Experience Platform
We live in a visual era, but martech tools haven’t kept up. Engaging today’s consumer with unique, relevant, and compelling visuals requires a new approach.
Movable Ink’s platform goes beyond automating the traditionally complex process of creating visual content. Now, marketers can create unique variations for every consumer – the moment they engage with it – whether in email, mobile, or web.

Create Unique Visual Experiences Anywhere
Easily add intelligent creative to cross-channel campaigns to ensure a personalized, consistent, and compelling experience for every consumer.

Now, marketers can generate the best experience for consumers in every moment across email, mobile, and web.

Translate Data into Engaging Creative
Bring data and creative together from any source to create personalized visuals that are always relevant and up-to-date at the moment of engagement.

Whether bringing in top-trending products from your website or showcasing live-pricing and inventory, every visual is on-point and on-brand.

Don’t rip and replace. Leverage Movable Ink with your existing martech stack to amplify the value of those investments.

With dozens of out-of-the-box integrations, Movable Ink enables marketers to easily add intelligent creative to existing workflows to streamline product and drive additional revenue.

Built for the Visual Era
Explore our key capabilities

Orchestrate real-time, data-driven visual experiences as consumers move across email, mobile, and web
Automatically generate unique and compelling creative, including hero images, product imagery, offers, and call-to-actions
Increase contextual relevance by targeting creative based on each consumer’s real-time location, weather, time, and device
Leverage pre-built creative apps for behavioral content, polls, data visualizations, social feeds, local maps, weather forecasts, and more
Easily create immersive augmented reality experiences that can be launched from email, mobile, and web – no mobile app required. Learn More About AR »

Build visual experiences with real-time data from API, web, CSV, and CRM sources
Easily access all of your disparate enterprise data sources to create unique and innovative experiences at the moment of engagement
Activate your creative with real-time information like live pricing and inventory, personalized offers, and loyalty reward balances
Automatically export campaign and user data for offline analysis in your analytics or BI tools

Easily create personalized visual experiences across channels with an intuitive, marketer-friendly UI
Build intelligent creative apps that layer images, shapes, and stylized text at moment of engagement without any coding
Target and personalize creative with logic and data from any source in real-time with drag-and-drop simplicity
Vary the visual experience and preview what your customers will see with real-time simulations