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Build Remote Engineering Teams With Muoro
Muoro has a large pool of premier engineering talent available on-demand!

Why Muoro?

The Friction of Traditional Hiring is here.
You shift through 1000s of resumes, coordinate interviews,
and spend months to (maybe) hire the right person which takes a lot of time and money and may lead to unsatisfactory results. This will cause hindrance in the development operations and you may also end up with employee liability.

Hiring Made Easy with Muoro
We simplify your hiring process by sourcing, vetting,
and matching you with remote software engineers you can trust. We make the hiring process fast and cost-effective by deploying remote software developers and dedicated software development teams to expedite the development lifecycle.

Escape the talent war in your zip code

Muoro is your key to hiring the best talent and scaling fast while keeping a check on your
budget. With us, your company doesn’t have to invest its precious time in talent hunting,
reviewing and retaining the talent. We are the best staff augmentation company dedicated to building and managing remote
software development teams across the world in the most cost-effective way. Muoro makes hiring a delight and you can easily hire
dedicated remote software engineers to scale operations. Also, in the world of technology time plays a
critical role, and hence our partners trust us to build their remote team of engineers with
agility and efficiency.

Engineers associated with Muoro undergo specialized training which allows them further to enhance their core technical skills and soft skills. During the sessions, they are imbued with the industry must-haves. This is done via training them and qualifying them on the basis of a 24-point engineering competency framework corresponding to their work experience and tech skills.

The training also allows them to embrace flexibility and to adopt different company cultures for the best possible results. All the engineers with us are native english speakers, and they have the ability to blend with your workplace culture seamlessly.

Our engineers display exemplary work qualities such as leadership, team spirit, passion, dedication and more, which help them bond well within the environment, hence building a community and unique paradigm of remote work.