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Programmatic White Label Native Advertising Platform
An End-to-End Solution

Full flexibility and control to support any business model

White Label Solution

Ready-to-implement, fully-featured native advertising platform.

Cross-Network Exchange

Connect to third-party demand and supply; trade with other networks on the platform.

Digital Intuition®

Patented algorithm delivers advanced content personalization and optimized performance.

Increase Your Revenue. Expand Your Brand.

Quickly and easily add a native advertising network to your portfolio

Reach and Scale
Grow your network through an open programmatic RTB exchange

Accelerate your market penetration with our solution

Superior Algorithm
Optimize content recommendations from learned user behavior

Adaptive Model
Works with any business blueprint; a suite of tools for full control

Entering the world of native advertising just got easier.

With my6sense’s white label programmatic native advertising platform, ad networks, media groups, group publishers, DSPs and SSPs can seamlessly expand their businesses over the rapidly growing native advertising landscape.