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Orchestrate the omni-channel experience along the full funnel

Myntelligence is a Marketing Operating System that enables marketers to run all applications of a full-stack marketing ecosystem from a single web interface across the entire acquisition funnel.

How It Works
Achieve the single customer view

Connect multiple data sources across the entire customer journey and reconcile that data under a single identifier called Persistent ID that gives marketers the real single customer view

Build bespoke audiences

Design custom audience segments that reflect campaign goals and sync them to marketing automation systems and advertising platforms in a click

Orchestrate omni-channel campaigns

Manage online user acquisition and retargeting campaigns across all the digital marketing touchpoints

Optimize performances in real-time

Analyze campaign performances and optimize in a timely manner to increase the ROI and improve targeting efficiency

Earn with your data

Share your data and exchange audiences with whoever you decide in a private and secure ecosystem