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Keep Your Customers Happy | Protected
The leading client-side platform preventing Customer Journey Hijacking to win back stolen online revenue.

20% of Online Customers Are Hijacked
Namogoo uses cloud-based software, proprietary analytics, and machine learning to prevent invasive content from disrupting online businesses.

Protect Your eCommerce Investment
Eliminate malware-driven ad injections from your customer journey and instantly improve eCommerce conversion rates & KPIs.
Immediately boost conversion rate
Optimize customer experience
Protect brand equity
Our technology is what sets us apart
Providing a single source of truth for your company’s digital investments.

Client-Side Technology
Namogoo’s code runs on every single visitor session to analyze and detect unwanted activity in real time.

Deep Data Analytics
Advanced data infrastructure allows you to segment any customer population and drill down to individual visitor interactions.

Continuous Learning
Self-learning algorithms process all collected data and classify over 10,000 new domains every day to reach data-driven decisions.

Minimal Code Footprint
Unobtrusive JavaScript runs natively on a company’s website without interfering with its user experience.

Built to Scale
Enterprise-grade elastic infrastructure that scales automatically to handle high volumes of traffic.

Easy to Deploy
Cloud-based technology requires no development, IT, or security resources for set- up or maintenance.