Automate & optimize paid and organic social across every network

Social Analytics

  • Our Free Social Analytics provide a unified, cross-network perspective.
  • Create unlimited dashboards from hundreds of paid and organic metrics.

Organic Social

  • The most powerful and intuitive social media scheduling you’ve ever used.
  • Complete with live post previews and recirculation, you can automate even the most complex schedule in no time.

Paid Social

  • Run advanced campaigns, boost posts manually or automatically, A/B test, and optimize for the conversions you care about.
  • Our paid social suite is easier, faster, and simpler than tools like Facebook Ads Manager.

Manage workflow across every network in one platform

Naytev’s is built on top of a solid base of social analytics and automation.

Unlike legacy platforms, our unified social analytics make it possible to understand the actual ROI of your content.

As a practical example, we can show you the overall impact of a piece of content that you’ve shared, promoted, cross-posted, and re-shared, all in a way that’s easy to understand.