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Netrix iCMS is a browser-based editorial system for content creation and multichannel publishing.

Integrated print CMS: Adobe InDesign add-on for managing content in print layouts

Connected: plugins for publishing on WordPress sites and other platforms

Flexible: JSON API and a headless, content-first approach

Write once – publish everywhere!
Manage and publish content across websites, print publications, mobile apps and other channels. Every piece of content is archived in a platform-independent, structured database and can be reused efficiently.

Easy to use HTML5 interface and APIs to connect publishing platforms and software.

Tailored to your business needs today. Scale with new challenges tomorrow.

Available cloud-based or on-premise with great prices. Check our presentation videos and request a demo!

How does our publishing system help you?
iCMS manages the publishing workflow, supports all digital and print channels and stores structured media content in the cloud.

Your cloud content database is searchable, retrievable, and reusable – maximizing your content assets.

With content flow automation the time needed to complete print-layouts is shortened by up to 50%.

A modular CMS system with JSON API. State-of-the-art technology that accommodates future development and supports emerging platforms.

Send, convert, upload, copy/paste – these operations and legacy formats belong to the past! iCMS does all in the background.

Layout-first or content-first, we flow content easily between database, web and InDesign.

iCMS’s Dropbox integration syncs images, tables and other assets automatically.

Seamlessly manage, edit and collaborate iCMS articles in the cloud.