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Monitor what matters, in real time
Understand any crisis or opportunity in real time with NewsWhip’s predictive media monitoring platform.

Why choose NewsWhip?
NewsWhip is the only real-time media monitoring platform that predicts the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead, giving communications professionals the clarity they need for quick and confident decisions.

Real-time media monitoring
Use NewsWhip’s real-time data to predict the stories and conversations that matter, helping you make the most of brand opportunities.

Crisis & issues management
Quantify and predict the impact of any potential crisis, understand its context, and build response plans with confidence.

Research & strategy
Understand the level of public and media interest behind any topic, event, or campaign at a glance using real-time dashboards.

Share your insights
Share your real-time media monitoring insights, collaborate with your colleagues, and inform your clients of the latest developments.