Amplify your editorial impact.
The highest engagement lift in the industry now runs on autopilot. Piano ESP puts your content to work through extra-sensory curation, audience personalization, targeting, and email delivery.

Always-on is now always-aware.
Piano ESP knows what your audience wants and delivers it — automating the process of delivering personalized and incredibly relevant content recommendations, email campaigns, and newsletters tailored to the individual user — even down to the right subject line, call to action, and send time.

You create. ESP curates.
Connect your content feed and go. Piano ESP instantly starts learning and analyzing your audience across site and email, desktop to mobile — discovering every individual’s preferences to recommend the content and articles your users are most likely to click on next.

Piano ESP creates an interest graph for every user, track not only tags and keywords, but story, subject matter, and tonality — and our proprietary semantics analysis engine includes support for over 40 languages.