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Key signals behind the noise

Get the insights hidden inside the data

As a leading provider of social media research technology and consulting services, we offer clients a variety of strategies allowing them to benefit from the advanced analytical power of our proprietary social data mining and analysis engine.

Community management

Good community management means keeping your finger on the pulse of your community and reacting to significant signals as they happen. Nexalogy can find the topics most relevant to your followers – breaking news, rising cultural phenomena, big events, disasters – and help you expand your community while cultivating engagement.

Content marketing

Being tuned in to the topics of interest to your community is the best way to craft content that resonates with that group, leading to more shares and likes, putting even more eyeballs on your message organically.

YPG uses Nexalogy’s technology platform to monitor trending topics on Twitter in order to direct their content marketing strategy and increase traffic on their website.

By following influencers and listening to engaged communities in different verticals, YPG rides a wave of trending topics to keep their own content consistently relevant, so their followers keep on clicking.