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Why choose Niki?Assistive

Trust & Assurance

Multilingual & Voice based



How do I become an Elite Member of Niki ?
Niki automatically chooses a user to join the 10,000+ strong Elite Club, by intelligently observing their behaviour.
Becoming friends with someone doesn’t take any special efforts, it happens over simple conversations, right? The same applies here.
Simply explore and place orders in multi services.
More you transact, more are your chances to become an Elite User.
Benefits of Becoming an Elite User
Transact Now, Pay Later

Month-end money crunch and due bills? No worries, Niki has got your back! Now Niki Elite users can transact for a service whenever required, and pay for it later.

How it works?
Users will see a Pay Later option (LazyPay) on the payment page while making a transaction. However, the option may not be available for each transaction or service.
Tap on ‘LazyPay’ on payment page to complete the transaction instantly.