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Breath new life into your CMS
wysiwyg editor | resource manager | content-builder
Plugins available for popular CMS solutions

Features Overview
Key features available within rgeEditor

Edit and format your HTML content,.

Page Builder
Construct pages by injecting your own templates

Microsoft Word
Paste MS Word with text formatting, tables and list detection

Full CSS breakdown
with inline style selectors

HTML Tables
Create, edit, split / join cells, add / delete rows, columns and cells

Cut / Copy / Paste+
Selective placement: paste before, after, amend or prepend to an existing object

Change tag types, unwrap tags, inspect and amend object attributes

CSS Classes
Easily lookup and assign classes directly from your stylesheets

Create custom color palettes or use the inline color picker

Define custom templates and optionally assign editable zones

Quick spell check with suggested alternatives

Audible playback of selected content, highlighting potential errors

DOM Tree
Display an object’s position or navigate through the DOM

Source Code
Edit selection source or root code. Optionally re-format and tidy up your html code.

Standard text formatting including bold, italics underline, lists, block-quotes and more

Create Objects
Easily create new objects, or wrap existing objects in your document.

Create and edit hyperlinks or fully formatted pop-up windows. Integrate fully and inject site menu items

Insert inline images and
background images

Customise your editor by creating new plugins using jQuery

Easy Installation
Upload, configure and initiate with one line of javascript

Create custom tool sets for different users needs and abilities

Find and Replace
Find and replace text or source code by class, by object type or within a selected region of your content

Embedded Video
YouTube & Vimeo plugins, simple to add or edit on the fly

White Label
Make our editor, yours!
Replace our branding with your name and logo

Special Characters
Easy selection and placement of widely used special characters

99 Undos
Undo and redo all changes and amends to your content

File Manager
Configure key resource files on your server and update them directly within the editor environment

Access keys for basic
formatting and layout manipulation functions

Optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera on desktop browsers.
iOS and Android tablet and mobile browsers.

Complete with resource manager…
Key features within rgeEditor’s Image and Resource Manager

Display your online images and resources as listings or grids

Crop and resize
Auto or manually crop, resize, rename and upload as JPG or PNG

Create new resource directories on your server

Rename, move or delete files directly on your server

Drag and Drop
Quick and easy drag and drop file uploads

…and an online image editor