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A great way to get a feel for what we do and who we work with is to take a look through our Case Studies. You’ll find examples of how we’ve collaborated with our clients to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, increase engagement, revenue and retention.

We pride ourselves on understanding your organisation, your audience, your marketplace and your objectives so that we can deliver appropriate creative solutions that achieve your goals.

It’s vital that your audience has an intuitive, frictionless experience of engaging with your brand online.

The complex integration work we undertake behind the scenes in connecting systems, data, software and processes enables your audience to enjoy a seamless personalised experience.

Engage CMS

Flexible, modular and easy to use, the NetXtra Engage CMS has an intuitive interface enabling non-technical staff to quickly update the website from any browser on any device. Coded in Java, the world’s most popular programming language, the CMS has been developed over the course of the last 20 years. Built with extensive integration capabilities, our technology can be integFlexible Data Platform
Data federation across multiple   private  and public clouds

What Can You Do With NooBaa?
NooBaa is a software-driven infrastructure that enables agility, flexibility and hybrid cloud capabilities. A deployment takes 5 minutes from download to an operational system. With unprecedented flexibility, pay-as-you-go pricing, and incredible management simplicity, NooBaa represents an entirely new approach to managing the explosive growth of data.


Aggregate native storage from AWS S3, Azure, Google and even private cloud into one virtual storage. Get the freedom to change


Quickly connect on-premises resources, with cloud-native storage and let your workload access it seamlessly.


Virtualize all your on-premises storage silos from all your data centers into one cloud-like virtual storage.

Some of Our Features
AWS S3-compatible API

NooBaa provides an AWS S3-compatible API, so you can keep using the de facto standard API, unattached to a specific vendor or location

Compression, deduplication, and advanced erasure coding

NooBaa is extremely efficient in term of storage size due to its advanced deduplication and compression algorithms

Full control over data placement

NooBaa provides you full control over data placement, letting you store your data in the optimal location

Data encryption

NooBaa also encrypts all the data, and creates an additional secure layer on top of any existing storagerated with other systems allowing you complete flexibility.