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Customer Engagement Platform

Discover the platform that delivers the most engaging messages and interactions. Because every superhero needs a sidekick.

Do you have an edge?

With consumers in a constant state of information overload, attention spans are only getting shorter. Standing out in the market space is a real challenge.

The answer is relevancy and one-to-one experiences. Notificare allows brands and retailers to easily segment consumers based on behavioural data to gain real competitive advantage.

One single tool to reach your audience

Web & App Push

Deliver rich and interactive messages in your app or website.


Craft beautiful emails that stand out from the crowd.


Powerful mobile messaging without an app.

The features that run the platform

Push, Email & SMS

Cross platform messaging. One push for all.

Location based Marketing

Geo-targeting, Geo-fencing and Beacons.

Actionable Analytics

Make smarter and informed business decisions.

Marketing Automation

Put your website and mobile app to work.

Loyalty & Rewards

Best-in-class solutions to retain your users.

Contextual Marketing

Deepening relationships through content.

Why Notificare?
ISO/IEC27001 certified
GDPR Compliance
Rock solid API’s
24/7 Customer Success and Support