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Amplify your announcements

Nouncy is a marketing tool to create a buzz on social media.

Create a buzz around your brand

Use the social networks of the people around you by asking them to post messages for you.

Break through the noise

Join forces with your fans, customers, employees, friends and supporters to rise above the murmur on social media.

Let others do the talking

Stop tooting your own horn on social media. Let people in and around your organisation speak out on their social networks about your news.

Build a network of supporters

Our analytics dashboard shows everyone who supported your campaigns and how much traffic they drove to your sites.

How Nouncy works

Collect social media posts from people in and around your organization and decide when to post them to their timelines.

Set up your first campaign in just a few minutes

The first step is deciding what URL you want to promote. For example your website, a blogpost, your event page or a link to the iTunes store. On your campaign page you can tell people why you need their help. Anyone who has the link to your campaign can contribute Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn post for you to send at a later point in time.