Onalytica- “Connecting brands and influencer communities to create inspiring content.”

Why Influencer Marketing?

Achieve Your Objectives

Improve Thought Leadership
Create content with influencers around innovation & challenges in the industry to increase awareness and drive consideration with your target audiences.

Fast-track Perception Change
Influencers have significant influence and trust within the marketplace. Engage with them to help shape your brand perception as you continue to evolve your brand messages.

Increase Demand Generation
Influencers will help you generate real demand for your product or solution rather than relying upon expensive paid search or PPC campaigns to generate leads. Customers not clicks!

Reach New Audiences
Influencers are creating content for audiences that will not listen or trust brand-generated content or traditional broadcasting channels. Partnering with influencers will help you engage and activate those hard to reach audiences.

Key questions we help solve
Who are my relevant influencers?

How do I engage them and build relationships?

What influencer generated content can I create?

How do I measure success and ROI?

How do I structure and scale my program?