Get full control over your affiliate campaigns, track and attribute your conversions and manage your publishers.

Grow your business with relevant partners
Affilae is the perfect affiliate marketing platform that enables brands to connect, collaborate with the right influencers and affiliates.

Marketing and technological solutions tailored to your needs: recruiting new partners, automated commission attribution, running campaigns to acquire and retain new customers.

Reward your partners for promoting your brand
Not only can you track your affiliate leads and sales, invest in partnerships to drive growth, and reward your partners on multiple commission schemes (CPS, CPA, CPC, CPL and fixed fees).

Engage them by assigning dedicated promo codes to promote your brand & reward them on sales.

And unleash their potential with the right brand materials: banners, emails, affiliate links, coupons, product feeds and boost sales.

Track their performance
You need the data to work for you, to give you relevant insights you need to move forward.

Track and sort your influencers / affiliates dynamically according to your Key Performance Indicators.

Go further with our deep actionable reports to analyze the incrementality of your actions and guide your choices in order to manage your marketing budgets precisely.