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Individualize Your Customer Experience

OneSpot’s Individualization Platform helps brands develop deeper relationships and improve business outcomes by dynamically delivering the most natural, customer-first digital experience at the one-to-one level.

Activate Best-in-Class Individualization AI

OneSpot’s AI enables brands to dynamically individualize the experience for every customer across web, mobile and email in an automated way. Our unique approach enables organizations to quickly evolve from rules-driven marketing and basic segmentation—or no personalization capabilities at all—to a one-to-one experience.

Boost Purchase Actions
OneSpot significantly increases the number of purchase actions like “Buy Now” or “Find in Store” by providing contextually relevant products, offers and actions based on an individual’s interests.
Improve Efficiency in Marketing Operations
Our sophisticated approach to individualization significantly improves efficiency in marketing operations, eliminating the need to create and maintain complicated, manually-programmed customer journeys that fail to deliver one-to-one customer experiences.
Make Informed Decisions Around Strategy and Content
OneSpot provides brands with critical user behavior insights based on the digital body language of their audiences in terms of what is driving engagement, actions and conversions, enabling them to make more informed decisions around strategy and content.