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Go Beyond
Email Marketing’s
Final Frontier
Ongage is an email marketing platform for advanced email marketers who send high-end campaigns and want to understand their audience better.

Tere’s your quick email marketer’s guide to
The Ongage galaxy

Next-gen email campaign management
Developers and non-developers can run high-volume campaigns, with advanced capabilities, on an intuitive dashboard that provides full control and get the job done!

Segmentation &
Gain actionable insights into customer behavior, send
data-driven emails, segment according to intent, and more.

Design personalized experiences based on your customers’ actions, with automated real-time emails that funnel your audience towards your goals.

Advanced email marketing stack

Email deliverability
Ongage is a one-stop-deliverability-shop, with system capabilities, reports, and experts that can slice and dice deliverability from every angle.

Email API multi-pass,
for data connectivity
Sync your CRM, CDP, and data warehouse with Ongage and optimize campaigns to make an impact in real-time.

Beam up your
SMTP relay or MTA
Connect any SMTP relay, MTA, or use the built-in Ongage SMTP to send your emails. In Ongage, you can send from several SMTPs or just one.

Our email marketing platform is used by smart email marketing teams to
Accelerate growth

Advanced communications is our thing
Grow with a partner

Send high volume SMS messages and power up your voyages
90 percent of SMS messages get opened within 90 seconds, and 98 percent of all text messages are opened.
Combine this effective tool with highly personalized email campaigns to cultivate relationships with your audience.

G2 high performer in product and customer satisfaction
We aim to set you up in no time and keep you running at all times!
Our award-winning professional services and support teams will accompany you in every step you take, making sure that you’re getting answers when you need them.

Use honeypots and force field your customer data
Each year, there’s an increase in the number of breach attacks, and Ongage fights back through Hotmark!

Hotmark is an Endpoint Detection & Response solution that focuses on email lists and customer data. With it, Ongage users can detect insider and outsider threats in real-time, tracking, and responding to events before damage is done.

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