Open Loyalty


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Customer Loyalty Program Software with the API-first approach

API-centric. Customizable. Scalable.

Use our Headless Loyalty Solution and create a dedicated loyalty program with a smooth experience for all digital touchpoints. Move from a monolithic loyalty platform to Open Loyalty and Push your UX/CX forward.

Why choose our loyalty system?
Fast to market

Thanks to ready-to-use loyalty features and an open architecture, your loyalty solution can be delivered much faster

100% customizable

You can use Open Loyalty as a framework, easily change anything and add your own unique customizations

Developer friendly

Clear documentation, proven development patterns, and modern tech-stack provide a great developer experience and make it easier to deliver a made-to-measure loyalty solution

Scalable solution

Thanks to a good technological stack and well thought out system architecture, Open Loyalty can handle loyalty programs of any size, even on a massive scale with a high frequency of loyalty interactions

Full data ownership

With Open Loyalty, you have full control over the data stored in the loyalty program, you can create a true customer data platform

Easy integration

Thanks to a headless architecture and robust API you can slot Open Loyalty into any IT infrastructure and work on the loyalty program without making changes in multiple systems