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Order Metrics – Profit & LTV Analytics for E‑Commerce
Monitoring your profit & marketing performance shouldn’t be hard. Get the real-time data you need to make profitable decisions.

We built what we always wanted for ourselves. Automatic data analysis with accurate profit.
We’ve been in your shoes! Our team has run large e-commerce brands and were unable to find a complete analytics tool that just worked.

Automatic, Per-Order Analytics
Look at your per-order net profit after all costs are considered including shipping, ad spend, transaction fees, discounts, refunds and more. We combine everything in one place – no spreadsheets.

True Profit & LTV In Real Time
No more living with 5 different analytics tools and still not knowing how much profit you make each day. Get daily profit alerts to stay on top of your business.

Run Profitable Ads
We combine store profit data with ad-level data from all your marketing channels. Now you can see which campaigns are profitable and have the highest LTV:CAC ratio after all costs (including shipping, refunds and COGS).

Multi-channel currency conversion
Storefronts and Ad accounts in different currencies? No problem. OrderMetrics combines data from all sales & advertising channels into a single dashboard. We automatically convert account currencies to a single currency of your choice & track fluctuations daily.

Keep track of your key metrics on the go
Download our mobile app and monitor your profit and marketing performance from anywhere.

The Ultimate Profit Dashboard
Everything you need to monitor your business performance – in one clean dashboard.

What is my Customer Lifetime Value?

Which orders made the most profit?