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Phone conversations made frictionless.
Add a powerful phone platform to G Suite and Slack.

Connect your favorite business apps
Access to your helpdesk and CRM data
Use your favorite business apps with Ottspott to improve your sales and/or helpdesk team. Synchronize calls, call recording files, voicemails and missed call logs . 100% automated, no manual data entry anymore.

Call monitoring
Get real-time statistics
Monitor your team’s activity and performance, and analyze historical call data.

Identify who is calling you
Access customer data directly from the Ottspott app
Avoid time-consuming app switching and access data directly by simply clicking on the business app logo on the Ottspott desktop app .

Ottspott Call Widget
(Slack Teams Only)

Let your customers call without dialing a number
If you’re an e-commerce company or already have your own phone numbers, install the Ottspott call widget on your website. Your customers can call through without dialing, leave messages or just ask to be called back.