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Flexible Payment Plans

Stop losing sales! Use flexible payment plans to seamlessly automate staged payments for products and services. Let customers and clients choose to pay at a rate that matches their finances.

Something for Everyone

Checkout our growing list of online stores that offer payment plans through We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love. More merchants are added very frequently so make sure to check back again and again

Boost sales and provide freedom for your customers

For ecommerce, link your carts to the intuitive and easy to use customer checkout. Let your customers select the terms that best fit their finances, making it easier for them to repay on time.

Increase cash flow and start collecting right away from clients

For any business issuing large invoices, lets you offer a custom, flexible payment plan to your clients to start payments right away. Connect to existing invoicing software to send payment plan offers in bulk, or use as a standalone payment plan service.