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PeakMetrics – Automatically collect media coverage. Report it easily.

Track press hits across online news, social and broadcast. Generate email coverage briefings and beautiful reports.

Media Monitoring
Centralize Your Press Hits

We track millions of news sites and blogs, 5+ social platforms, podcasts, and TV/radio to let you know when your brand is mentioned, automatically.

Concerned about missing hits? Import results from Google Alerts or other tools to know you’re covered. We’ll automatically enrich these results with analytics such as journalist stats and social media shares.

Press Clippings
Send Daily Briefings

Keep your stakeholders engaged by consolidating your most important press hits into an email newsletter. Pick the hits that matter most, add branding, and send out a personalized briefing to your VIPs.

Summarize in Minutes

Generate beautiful reports with automated analysis and insights at the click of a button. Brand your reports and share them as links or PDFs.