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Isn’t it time you visualised your audience?

Now there are no excuses.

Personapp allows you to create and share quick, lightweight personas using a simple lean framework


Inspired by the folks at Luxr and their persona cheat sheet, we’ve been creating lightweight, informal personas using this method for a while now.

We find it useful to create these low–fi personas with our clients at our kick-off meeting for a new project and it really gets them engaged by visualising their audience. It also allows us to start the process for user involvement at an early stage without any friction. Once we’ve created these personas (usually 4 or 5 to start off with), we then validate these through in-depth user interviews and then re–visit them after our research to determine which assumptions still stand and which can be binned.

Rather than doing these on paper or hacked using Word, Fireworks or similar, we thought it would be useful to have a simple web interface to create these and collaborate on them with clients (remotely if necessary). After 2 hack days and a couple of late nights, Personapp was born.

We hope you find it useful. As this is an alpha release/MVP/v0.1 there may be bugs and glitches so please excuse us. We’d REALLY value your feedback in helping to improve the product so please do let us know your thoughts.