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What if you could give your sales teams only the good leads?

Tap into our massive B2B lead database by defining your ideal customer personas and letting leads fill your pipeline

Continuously feed your sales team fresh leads.
More responses.

Get more engagement from your outbound campaigns by tailoring your messages to match your personas.

Experiment quicker, find copy that resonates faster.

More conversations.

Narrow in on the personas that are most likely to convert right now.

Use precision targeting to talk to prospects about their most important pain points.

Persona based prospecting.

Stop list building one-by-one. Define your customer personas and let our app automatically search, sort, and fill your pipeline from our proprietary database.

Ultra-specific filtering.

Forget unqualified leads that don’t convert. Our app gives you the ability to be incredibly precise.

Seamlessly connect your outbound tools.

Automatically send leads to your outbound campaigns and synch them with your CRM for enrichment and suppression.