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Website Personalization and Marketing Automation

Personyze is a comprehensive platform for using machine learning and marketing automation to deliver dynamic cross-channel experiences that engage and convert.

Build extraordinarypersonalized digital experiencesusing a single platform.​

Personyze includes a recommendation and segmentation engine, and sophisticated widgets to craft and tailor personalized content for every touchpoint, from landing page to email drip.

Content and Product Recommendations

Recommendation engine with algorithm for different industries, and customized display widgets for site, emails and apps.

Site AI

Personyze recommendations range from the simple “View it again” to complex machine learning that will find patterns in your visitor’s browsing that no human would ever think of.

Behavioral Targeting

Deliver targeted content based on virtually any conceivable user behavior from long-term browsing habits to a single mouse-hover.

Static no more

Make your homepage banner, calls to action, and design unique to the end user’s role, identity, or interest.

Account Based Marketing

Tailor the site experience to individual high-value client accounts based on criteria like their industry, role in company, stage in your funnel.