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Real-time business visualization
We enable companies to grow through data-driven insights and ensure actionable knowledge about how the business, its departments, teams, and individuals are performing.

Changing the way you work with KPI’s and performance data
Real-time insights
Stay on top of your performance by visualizing your most important KPIs on real-time dashboards from Plecto.

Instant employee recognition
Engage and motivate your employees by acknowledging individual and team successes on dashboards in real-time.

All your data in one place
Connect with one of our 50+ pre-built integrations or public API to gain a complete overview of your KPI data.

A scaleable solution for all areas of your business
Plecto is the #1 data dashboard & report tool for boosting performance in your organization

Increase sales by 20% with real-time performance insights
Visualize your most important KPIs on real-time dashboards and engage your team with sales contests, leaderboards, and instant notifications.

Plecto for Sales

“I can recommend this software to anyone working with sales. It has helped our team reach our goals by simply displaying sales for day-to-day. This is making the internal competition better by visualizing the performance live time.”

Easily integrate our dashboards with your current business systems
In just a few clicks you’re able to pull and visualize data on a dashboard on any screen from the software systems you use today. We also make it possible to add data through Excel, SQL, Zapier or our own REST-based API.

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Stay updated anytime, anywhere
Bring your Plecto dashboards wherever you go with our newly re-designed mobile app. Bring Plecto home with you, and show it on your TV or access your dashboards on the go with our app for android, Iphone and Apple Watch.