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In today’s world, automation is more important than ever

PMG software makes process orchestration fast and easy to implement.

The PMG Platform

Automate and orchestrate business processes across people, systems and data.


Easy-to-configure web pages serve as home screens for your business apps and services.


Rich forms for data inputs also support integrations and real-time data processing.


Built-in reporting capabilities allow users to analyze and display data easily in standard or custom reports.


Pre-built connectors provide no-code integrations while generic integration actions support coding when desired.


Summary analytics pages and work management screens drive business intelligence and increase productivity.

Better. Faster.

The PMG platform is highly configurable, making prototyping, deployments, upgrades and updates faster and easier. Each implementation differs in scope, but many clients have turned to PMG after unsuccessfully trying to deliver complex process solutions using other platforms and systems.

PMG is a better alternative to large scale platforms that require teams of specialty developers and are often expensive and time consuming to implement. And it’s far more robust than simplistic low-code app development alternatives that can’t handle complex business processes or scale for enterprise deployment.