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Lead Management Made Simple
No bells, no whistles – popcorn gives you the essential tools a small business needs to track, manage and convert more prospects, faster – so your sales simply take off!

The popcorn Journey
To make CRM and Lead Management simple for small businesses, so that you embrace your CRM and make your sales take off in just 3 steps!

No bells, no whistles…
Just the essential tools a small business needs to save time and win customers

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Joined up prospecting
A single view of all your prospects allowing you toSimply track, manage and convert more prospects, faster.

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Backed up with a promise
– No Contracts or hidden fees
– Up and running in 15 mins
– Always simple and visual

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ust the essential features
popcorn is designed specifically for small businesses – it is simple to use and has only the essential features you need to manage your prospects in one highly visual place.

A simple to use CRM that joins up all your data

A visual and easy way to manage your prospect

Manage your workflow and contact engagement

Nurture your contacts with targeted email marketing

Lead Generation
Nurture your contacts with personalised emails

Website Tracking
Follow prospect activity from email to website

Integration Tools
Zapier integration for smooth data management (coming soon)

Landing Pages​
Clone and edit a landing page in seconds