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About Power Tools Suite
The 10-App Bundle That’s Proven To Give Your Store An Unfair Advantage

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer or store builder. You know your success relies on your ability to squeeze the full potential out of your business. After all, the brands with the best tech, marketing, and shopping experience win.

Hack Your Store’s Performance With These Apps...
Filter Menu – Give your customers exactly what they want. Model your site’s navigation after their favorite stores like Amazon and Ebay. Letting them filter by product attributes such as color, size and price.
Pricing Policy – Use proven pricing techniques to increase sales. Launch time-based promotions. And save yourself the headache of editing products one-by-one.
Trending Products – Hack your conversion rate by showing your best products first.
Smarter Collections – Create smarter collections than the native Shopify feature allows. Select a combination of collections to include and exclude. Such as, OR and NOT filters.
Sort Selector – Let your customers choose their shopping experience. Give them the freedom to sort collections how they prefer.
Auto Collections – Save time & boost your SEO! Automatically create collections for each product type and vendor.
Sold Out Products – Manage sold out products by automatically hiding them. Plus, remove them from collections or place them at the end of a collection too.
Smart Delete – Optimize your customer experience & SEO. Allow un-delete and auto-redirect when removing collections and products.
Sort Orders – Make your customer experience the best. Set fixed sort orders across all smart and custom collections. Even test each arrangement to find your personal best.
Random Sort Order – Keep your collections fresh by ordering them randomly. Magically updates once an hour.
Bulk Edit Tags – Say goodbye to editing tags individually! Now you can save hours by doing it in bulk.