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User engagement that lets you OWN YOUR AUDIENCE
The only personalized Multichannel Messaging Platform built exclusively for Publishers
Multichannel Messaging Ecosystem

Connect and engage with your audience over every channel, all from one platform

Push Notifications

Deliver personalized browser-based notifications that drive clicks


Send personalized content over the most trusted channel

Emerging Channels

We’re continuously innovating to give you more options

A More Engaged Audience – Less Work For You!

Easily build audience relationships with optimized, personalized and automated messaging


Deliver relevant content to users in real-time based on their known interests, behaviors and events. Our email-based targeting is far more accurate than cookies so you can better understand the user identity graph.


Our AI algorithm and automated platform delivers the right content to the right user with no manual configuration. With PowerInbox, you can engage more with less work.


Deliver the right content at the right time over the right channel. With PowerInbox, you can stop relying on social & other third parties to drive traffic. Instead, own your audience engagement to build loyalty and trust.