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Kevin Long
CEO and Co-Founder at The Dyrt
When launching a new business or product you need to tell the world about it. Pressfarm takes care of the How: by creating content worth communicating; and to Who: by targeting to the right audience.

Milton Jackson
Founder and Director Of User Experience (UX) at PicSpotr
It was difficult to find he right journalists for our startup when we needed to get the word out. Thanks to Pressfarm, we can now find journalists specific to our goals and needs. We are no longer wasting time and energy.

Larissa Murillo
Marketing Manager at MarketGoo
The folks over at Pressfarm understand the needs of a small company wanting to expand their PR reach. They are proactive and provide a personalized experience.

Chris Gadek
Head of Marketing at Ad Quick
Pressfarm has been such a time saver, I no longer have to scrape webpages for email addresses to find journalists. I can now quickly search for the right people and optimize my pitches. Pressfarm is a no brainer.