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Proof BusinessGPS™ for RevOps Predicts and Optimizes Your Revenue Journey
Predict and Prove the Powerful Cause-and-Effect Relationships Between Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience, and Marketplace Realities

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you
In today’s volatile marketplace, there are some big truths that you cannot ignore.

Speed is life. Today, the fast eat the slow. You can have accurate analytics, but if you get them too slowly to make changes quickly, you’ll always be behind the Eight Ball.

Market reality — headwinds and tailwinds – is critical context. What you do is either about overcoming the stuff you don’t control or surfing the wave better than your competitors.

You need a GPS. More than anything, if you can’t plot an accurate course into the future, and then constantly update the prediction with your real location and progress, you’re like Columbus.

Sure, he hit land, but he was trying for China and arrived in the Bahamas.

Let’s say your company has been using Marketing Mix Modeling for years. It’s been accurate, but frustratingly slow and hard to scale. It’s also been really, really expensive. The bottom line is that your teams struggle to get the insights quickly enough, and to understand the data science well enough, to make timely, effective decisions.

The global leader in Unified Revenue Optimization, Proof BusinessGPS combines automation and AI with a highly intuitive UX, enabling business teams to make much better decisions, regardless of what’s happening in the marketplace.

Path to Insights
Path to Insights with the help of marketing analytics. Get your answers to your specific business questions using Proof BusinessGPS™.

How to get started
Your Route to Value Starts Here
Connected Data
Proof integrates and cleanses your data in real-time, plugging it straight into the leading automated marketing analytics engine.

Automated Insights
Humans can only handle
3-4 variables simultaneously. Marketing’s impact involves a lot more than that. Proof makes it easier to keep it all straight to be able to optimize marketing ROI.

Better Decisions
Running a business requires more than charts and graphs. Your most important job is to help everyone see what needs to be done, and what the impact is if actions are not taken.

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Start by using our extensive library of easy-to-use, ready-made business questions that we call Insights. Tap into your selection of data sources and start building your own Insights.

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We will be there for you, helping you make the most of your investment in Proof BusinessGPS™.

BusinessGPS™ for Revenue Operations
Optimize your go-to-market investments
Your world is the same as ours. We understand marketing, communications and how difficult it can be to manage the data you need. That’s why we partnered up with the best and why we areable to bring you a seamless, out-of-the-box experience from day one with our marketing analytics tool.

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Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce deliver full life-cycle capabilities to customers looking for Marketing Optimization. We integrates seamlessly with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Datorama.


Quickly and easily extract your marketing data and feed it into Proof BusinessGPS™. Connect to any of their 60+ marketing data sources with just a few clicks to start proving marketing ROI.

Marketing consumes a lot of a company’s cash. In B2B, it can take months to see a return. Marketers have a real responsibility to every other part of the business who also wanted that budget money…not just to make it count but to prove that they made it count.

Julie Brown
Global Director of Business Transformation
Johnson Controls

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Time is money and the sooner you start optimizing your marketing spend the quicker you can start delivering clear, measurable business results. We have made it easy for you.