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Email Marketing
A Philosophy /

We know how to place your brand in the customer’s inbox. But are you getting into their hearts?  Knowing your customers, their habits, their wishes, their clicks… is the way to establish a long term, fruitful inbox relationship.

Mailing Platform /

Email Marketing starts with uncompromising deliverability. Having 13 years of experience, we know how to “talk” to inboxes & servers and make them deliver.  Add to it an intuitive platform, detailed reports and smart features, and you’ll get the optimal terms for up scaling your email marketing ROI.

Who is it for?

Whether you already sending newsletters to your loyalty club members, or you didn’t started – we are here to help you upgrade your activity. Starting from sending a coupon email, through a content magazine and up to integration with the cash registers (on & off line) and sending personalized emails. We have variety of solution to help you manage your customers club and keep it personal.

CCD // Creative, Content & Design

The “holy trinity”… Together they create an awesome customer experience. Great Creative, Content & Design are what makes your subscribers feel, react, and run to the next level with you. It’s a secret recipe with secret ingredients, and we’d love to share them with you