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A Trusted Savvy Email Service Provider
Since 2001, Focused Solely on Meeting Your
Medium to Large Email Deployment Campaigns

With over 17 years in the Email Industry, Puresend strives to enhance its Purecast email sending solution with key services, to maximize delivery and results

Since 2001, our feature set and product roadmap have always been driven by our passionate and experienced customer base of email marketers. If our solution lacks a feature or function you need…we’ll get it built for you.

…the holy grail for Email Senders
Puresend understands this and dedicates a massive amount of technical and human resource in this area…prior to, during, and after your campaigns are delivered.

Puresend offers highly flexible, yet simple pricing structures to meet most budgets and situations.

Puresend is proud to launch this data intensive reporting feature to easily determine who are your most active engagers
What makes ABR unique and more powerful than anything offered by our competitors is the ability to include up to ONE YEAR of historical campaigns. Customizing your attributes allows for incredibly specific filters.

Now You Have The Complete Picture:
Who is Engaging | What They are Engaging | When They are Engaging
Armed with these results, try tuning your campaigns to fit what has been working. Or, build the ideal recipient profile and work towards generating similar profiles.

Audience Behavior Reporting’s combination of historical data, highly usable query capabilities,
and high demand compute power make ABR an indispensable tool for any sophisticated email marketers…[MORE]

Audience Behavior Reporting is available exclusively to Puresend customers