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Say goodbye to Business Intelligence.
Say hello to Decision Intelligence.
Faster, more intelligent decisions for the enterprise.

Eliminate decision chaos
The way we make decisions is broken. In fact, Gartner says that 47% of business leaders* expect their decisions to become more complex in the coming years, not less. They need decision intelligence now. The transition requires trusted data, high analytics adoption, and real data science that only Pyramid can deliver.

Decision Intelligence, Built for What’s Next in Data
Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence Platform delivers a frictionless decision-making environment that tames the chaos created by data silos and a proliferation of self-service analytics tools. Our award-winning, AI-driven platform combines the very best of data prep, business analytics, and data science in a single, unified environment.

Data Prep
A feature-rich data modeling layer includes high-performance direct query capabilities, full data movement from source to dashboard, and a predictive workbench tool—all designed to make data prep an integral part of the data and analytics pipeline.

Business Analytics
Confident decisions require more than basic business analytics. Pyramid delivers all the power advanced users require with the simplicity business users need. We propel high analytics adoption by making the sophisticated simple, augmented by AI.

Data Science
Elevate decisions to get more value out of your data. With Pyramid, data scientists and business users can harness Pyramid’s unique data science capabilities to amplify and accelerate next-level decision-making.