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We’ve Got Some Good News, And We’ve Got Some Weird News
How much easier would it be to make sales if people TOLD YOU what they most desired?

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How much more fun and profitable would it be to write e-mails to subscribers if you could see inside their head and know EXACTLY which pain points would make them buy?

Let me tell you: lots, lots, and LOTS.

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​The weird news? You do it the same way you find out what 80s pop song you are.

​Let me explain:

Quizzes Are Insanely Effective, But When One Of The World’s Leading Conversion Experts Tried One Out… In One Of The World’s Most Competitive Niches… Not Even He Saw This Coming!

A Quiz Increased Lead Capture By 500%
Even Neil Patel can improve his lead gen. And here, he did it by using a quiz.

And this isn’t even a ‘viral’ quiz designed for tons of shares.

​It’s on a serious subject, in a serious niche, and it still boosted sign-ups by 500%.

(Look for ‘The Beginners Guide To Interactive Content’ to check out the post about it on his blog)