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Understanding your customers has never been so easy.
Get richer customer profiles, improved engagement, and more revenue by asking the right questions with Qzzr.

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Find Your Wrist’s New Best Friend.

Which Court of the Dead Faction are you?

What’s Your Leadership Style?

Which cleat will make you play like a pro?

Qzzr for Fast Casual Restaurants
Grow your restaurants by adapting to your customers unique preferences and motivations.

A wonderful way to engage

Create and customize quizzes that capture your audience’s attention and interests.

Customize your quiz’s look and feel to fit any website or layout.

Easily add text, images, videos, and animated GIFs to your quiz.

Need to quiz in other languages? We support dozens of popular translations.

Quizzes have helped us to generate some incredible returns for our clients. With one campaign in particular, every dollar we spent, we got $19 in return.

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